Social Skills Groups

We encourage building friendships in an environment that fosters social development

After School Services For Kids To Play And Have Fun Together

Social Skills Groups for children with autism allow them to interact and play with peers similar in age. Using ABA principals, our team of therapists and board-certified behavioral analysts will help each child learn how to communicate, take turns, share, follow rules and good sportsmanship with other children in an activity-based group. Our social skills groups for autism are carefully designed to meet the individual needs of each child, and parents also can connect with other families and receive support from our knowledgeable staff.

Social skills groups for children with autism are currently held at our Norwell and Quincy centers between 4-6pm.  We do require group and individualized training for the parents when each child begins the after-school program.  Training times fluctuate and are tailored around parent schedules.

Currently, we are not accepting applicants for social skills group services.

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