Mission Statement

Our Promise

The mission of SSAC is to provide high-quality, individualized behavior analytic services that allow its clients to participate in their lives as fully as possible, with a strong focus on inclusion and integration.


We value our clients above all else

  • We are punctual and consistent with services
  • We protect client identity and information in all communication
  • We use objective and respectful language
  • We make client-specific clinical decisions
  • We develop and implement systems and practices that meet the needs of our clients
  • We use strategies and implement plans that prioritize the health, safety and dignity of our clients

We maintain the highest professional standards

  • We use the principles and evidence-based strategies of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • We adhere to the ethical guidelines and standards of the field of ABA and of general professional behavior
  • We communicate clearly and respectfully with clients, families, and other professionals, and in all interactions representative of SSAC
  • We collaborate with other professionals, openly and at any given opportunity
  • We demonstrate personal motivation for professional growth
  • We share our own strengths with colleagues, and we seek out the strengths of others
  • We use company resources wisely, effectively, and appropriately

We create a supportive, welcoming and inspiring environment for all

  • We are inclusive and supportive of all
  • We contribute and welcome new ideas
  • We demonstrate care for our own and others’ physical, mental, and emotional well- being

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