Center-Based Services for Autistic Children

We offer research driven naturalistic ABA services to help each child grow and thrive

A Fun Classroom Setting For Children To Play and Learn

Located in Norwell and Quincy, MA, near Boston, our center-based ABA therapy services provide naturalistic ABA intervention for children with a new diagnosis of autism between the ages of 18 months and 6 years of age. For those who aren’t familiar and are new to this specific type of therapy, ABA stands for applied behavior analysis. It’s based on the science of behavior and learning specifically for children with autism and other developmental disorders. In the context of an enriched, child-friendly environment, we run individualized programs with a research-driven naturalistic approach.  Our goal is simple – to reach the best possible outcomes for each child. The learned behaviors will help children live fulfilled and safer lives as they grow.

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Ages 18 Months-6 Years

  • Children receive 1:1 instruction, group instruction, and integrated social instruction
  • Preschool model for older children (ages 3-6) prepares for transition to and integration in public school settings
  • Includes home carryover component, individualized for each child
  • Required group and individual parent training included

These customized plans focus on teaching necessary skills that help stop dangerous behavior and prevent harmful self-stimulatory behavior, or stims. It will focus on improving skills including:

  • Play and leisure skills
  • Social skills
  • Motor abilities
  • Language and communication abilities
  • Hygiene and self-care routines

The goal isn’t to make a child appear neurotypical. We’re here to improve their lives in meaningful ways. Therapy will help each individual child to identify harmful behaviors, learn about the triggers, and decide which safe coping skill to move forward with.

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We Learn as We Play

ABA therapy isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. All of our centers offer multiple classrooms, individual therapy rooms, one large gross motor skills rooms to run and play, have music or yoga class and an outdoor playground.  Kids will learn and strive while they play and have fun! If you’d like to learn more about our children’s autism center or set up an appointment, contact us today. We look forward to helping each and every child thrive and grow.

***Please Note – Our center services do not include nap times.

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