In-Home Services for Autism

We come to your home to deliver quality, individualized ABA, services

We Come To Your Home And Work In Your Child’s Typical Environment

In-home services for autism are scheduled around the parent and child’s availability.  For children ages 18 months to 5 years old, these services are often provided in 2 – 3 hour sessions during the day, although they might be during after school hours depending on nap schedules and other service schedules. For children ages 5- 10, these services are scheduled during after school hours, typically in 2 hour sessions.

Currently, we are not accepting applicants for after school services.

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Dedicated One-On-One Services With Proven Methods

With our in-home services for autism, clients are always paired with one behavioral therapist and a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA). An individualized, tailored treatment plan is created and implemented with data being taken at each session to make sure goals are being met.  Staff and parents are continuously collaborating with one another to ensure the highest possible outcome for the child.

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