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Early Autism Intervention Strategies for Nonverbal Children

October 19, 2023 0 comments

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can present a unique set of challenges, particularly when it comes to nonverbal children. Early intervention is regarded as a crucial element in boosting the child’s development and improving their communication skills. We will provide parents with a comprehensive understanding of early autism intervention strategies for nonverbal children to empower caregivers […]

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The Benefits of Speech Therapy for Children With Autism

October 6, 2023 0 comments

Speech therapy has become an essential resource for children with autism, helping them overcome communication challenges and interact more effectively with the world around them. Parents who understand the benefits of speech therapy for children with autism can feel empowered to make informed decisions about their child’s healthcare. We’ll shed light on how this therapeutic […]

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The Complete Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder

October 6, 2023 0 comments

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex, multi-faceted condition affecting individuals worldwide in unique and varied ways. We’ve created the complete overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder to explore its definition, symptoms, and treatments. Our intention is to deliver information and shed light on the lived experiences of those with ASD, empowering readers with a nuanced […]

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3 Early Autism Intervention Methods Parents Can Use at Home

September 22, 2023 0 comments

Early recognition and autism intervention can greatly enhance a child’s development and improve their long-term outlook. As a parent, understanding autism and knowing how to support your child can often feel overwhelming. We will look at three early autism intervention methods parents can use at home. These techniques are designed to be incorporated into everyday […]

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Helping Your Child With Autism Thrive at Home

September 18, 2023 0 comments

Raising a child with autism can present a unique set of challenges—one of which is creating an environment at home where your child can thrive. We will provide practical, easy-to-implement guidance for helping your child with autism thrive at home. We will explore strategies and techniques that not only cater to the specific needs of […]

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The Importance of Individualized Learning at Autism Centers

September 12, 2023 0 comments

Navigating the educational landscape for a child with autism can feel challenging and overwhelming. However, the key to unlocking your child’s potential lies in understanding how essential individualized learning is. Autism centers play a crucial role in this journey, as they have specialized programs tailored to the unique needs of each child. Here, we’ll discuss […]

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The Long-Term Benefits of Early Intervention for Autism

August 22, 2023 0 comments

As a parent, it’s important to be aware of the resources available to help your child with autism. One of the most effective and long-term strategies is early intervention—providing specialized therapies as soon as possible after diagnosis. While it may feel overwhelming to act quickly, early intervention services can play an integral role in helping […]

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How Center-Based Services Can Help Your Child With Autism

August 15, 2023 0 comments

As a parent to a child with autism, researching treatment options for your little one can feel overwhelming and intimidating. You want to give them the best support to help them reach their full potential, but navigating the range of available care and services can be daunting. One option that may benefit both you and […]

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How Autism Centers Help Children Build Independence

August 14, 2023 0 comments

Raising an autistic child can be a challenging journey for many parents. Thankfully, there are autism centers that strive to assist with the various needs of these children and help them develop the skills they need to live independently. We’ll discuss how autism centers help children build independence so you can better understand the benefits […]

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Helping Your Child Adjust to Therapy at an Autism Center

August 1, 2023 0 comments

Handling change can be challenging for autistic children because they thrive with routines. Therapy helps many kids with autism, but adjusting to therapy can be difficult. This transitional period can be hard for kids and parents alike, so read here to learn about helping your child adjust to therapy at an autism center. Use Visual […]

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How Parents Can Engage in Their Child’s Autism Treatment

July 27, 2023 0 comments

Navigating autism is not easy. If the diagnosis was recent, you’re probably wondering and worrying about the next steps. What resources are available for parents? What therapy is best for my child? Your child’s doctor can help you sift through these questions and move forward with treatment. In fact, they likely have recommendations for which […]

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Boosting Social Skills With Early Autism Intervention

July 6, 2023 0 comments

Having autism means your child will have more challenges in life than a neurotypical one. One of these challenging areas is the development of social skills. Social interactions can be scary for children with autism. Are you wondering how you can help improve them? Early autism interventions will help boost social skills. What Are Social […]

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How Autism Centers Can Help Autistic Children Communicate

June 16, 2023 0 comments

Autism centers offer different types of therapy to fit the needs of each autistic child. A few different types include ABA, speech, and occupational therapy. These therapies provide incredible benefits for autistic children. Discover how autism centers can help autistic children communicate below. They Help Children Understand Others Therapy services at autism centers help children […]

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How Early Intervention Helps Children With Autism

June 14, 2023 0 comments

Every parent of a child with autism understands how challenging parenting them can be. The great news is that there are early intervention options out there that can help your child become the best they can be. These options also help you become a better parent by learning to use effective methods. Early intervention simply […]

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The Role of Play in Autism Therapy: Why It Matters

May 26, 2023 0 comments

Children with autism require individualized therapies to help them grow and thrive. As the parent of an autistic child, you’ve probably already started researching various therapy options for your kid. One of these to consider is play therapy. That may seem counterintuitive, but play helps them learn. Below, explore the role of play in autism […]

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Recognizing Early Signs of Autism in Children Under Age 3

May 17, 2023 0 comments

Understanding the autism signs can be tricky, especially in your first child. You’re unsure if the behavior is common for kids. If you sense that your child under 3 years of age has autism, these are the early signs to look out for. Language Differences and Delays Many children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) show […]

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Preparing for Your Child’s First Day at an Autism Center

May 8, 2023 0 comments

After you receive the autism diagnosis for your child, it can be challenging to navigate the subsequent changes that occur. What are the next steps? Early intervention is one of the best things you can do for a child with autism. This step includes finding an autism center that offers therapy to help your autistic […]

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Choosing the Right Autism Center for Your Child

May 1, 2023 0 comments

Finding the perfect autism center for your child can be a challenge. You want to ensure your child receives the best care with the best therapists. You can read all the reviews and still be unsure about your choice. This blog will help you choose the right autism center for your child. The Goals Should […]

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4 Types of Early Intervention for Autistic Children

April 17, 2023 0 comments

Early diagnosis is incredibly helpful for autistic children. The younger they are, the more effective the intervention is. Their brains are more malleable, allowing them to better understand the treatment. Here are four types of early intervention for autistic children to help them get the therapy they need. Occupational Therapy Some children with autism have […]

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The Benefits of ABA Therapy for Autistic Children

April 6, 2023 0 comments

Finding out your child has autism is never easy for a parent. You understand that life is going to be different from here on out. Every parent wants to provide their child with the best, and every doctor will suggest ABA therapy to help with behavioral issues and more. If you’ve never heard of ABA […]

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Choosing Autism Services: In-Home vs. Center-Based

March 31, 2023 0 comments

Having a child diagnosed with autism can be overwhelming. There are plenty of decisions to make after the diagnosis in order to proceed forward. One choice you’ll have to make is choosing between in-home vs. center-based autism services. Each offers different advantages, as we’ll explore in the blog below. Center-Based Therapy Center-based ABA therapy can […]

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Social Story for COVID-19

Posted By: South Shore Autism Center March 17, 2020 0 comments

Talking about the coronavirus to your child can be overwhelming and confusing.  With children out of school it can be stressful time for the whole family, especially caregivers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Social stories are a great tool for breaking down big topics into simple explanations. Please see link for a clear […]

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The Accept It Tank

Posted By: Dr. Erin McLoughlin January 10, 2020 0 comments

What’s that noise The first house we owned boasted a very cool feature: it had a septic tank with a special alarm that would sound any time something went wrong with the system! The alarm was shrill and insistent, demanding that we look at the high-tech control box to find out what the issue was. […]

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Time to Refuel!

Posted By: Erin November 27, 2019 0 comments

Have you ever been in a rush to get somewhere and you get in the car and see that your low fuel light is on, or you know it will be sometime during the drive? If you have, and you’re like me of 15 years ago, you think to yourself, “I can make it…I don’t […]

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You’ve Been Booed! (When You Can’t Plan for Everything)

Posted By: Matt October 28, 2019 0 comments

As a BCBA and a mom of five kids, I know too well that using ABA in real life every day situations is important, helpful, exciting, and HARD! In this post I’ll tell you about a holiday-related tantrum that maybe could have been prevented, but maybe it’s okay that it happened, too. The Setting Event, […]

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