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Welcome to South Shore Autism Center’s Preferred Partners page, where our collaborations are rooted in the principles of CARE: Compassion, Authenticity, Reliability, and Eagerness. We proudly unite with organizations that share our commitment to compassionate care, authentic connections, reliable support, and an eagerness to make a positive impact. These preferred partners embody the essence of CARE, ensuring that individuals and families navigating the autism spectrum receive the utmost support and understanding. Explore these alliances that exemplify our values, contributing to an enriching experience for our community.

Leading Therapy Home

Leading Therapy Home is a pediatric and adult speech therapy and pediatric occupational therapy private practice serving the entire South Shore area. From early intervention services to geriatric support, we serve clients across the age span in their home, the community, or online.

Sing Explore Create

Sing Explore Create, LLC is committed to supporting the growth, development, and well-being of people across the lifespan through music therapy and creative arts wellness programs.

They are dedicated to using the arts to improve the lives of those in our community. Our team members meet regularly to discuss the most recent evidence-based practice in music therapy and education.

Little Bee Yoga

(781) 264-6295

A traveling yoga company for the kiddos ages 2.9-10 years of age.  Little Bee Yoga brings yoga to preschools, daycares, recreational facilities, birthday parties and more!

Nonprofits We Support

Non-Profits We Support

The concept of CARE—Compassion, Authenticity, Reliability, and Eagerness—extends beyond our center. We take great pride in championing and collaborating with non-profit organizations dedicated to making a positive impact on the autism community. Each of these partnerships reflects our shared values and commitment to enhancing the well-being and growth of individuals and families affected by autism. Explore the invaluable work of these non-profits, as we stand together in supporting initiatives that truly make a difference.

Evan’s Run

The Evan Henry Foundation for Autism is a nonprofit organization that has been established in memory of Evan Henry. Evan was an 11 year old child from Norwell Massachusetts who was diagnosed with autism and who accidentally drowned in July, 2000. Evan’s family and friends would like him to be remembered as a happy and loving child who taught others the true meaning of patience and compassion.

Through this foundation they intend to accomplish the following goals:

1. To fund programs and/or projects benefiting individuals with autism and their families.

2. To promote awareness and education.

Raising Harts

Dedicated to supporting families with Autistic & neurodiverse children through mentorship, workshops and inclusive programs.

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