A fun and educational classroom setting for children

Quincy, Massachusetts Center

Our Quincy center location provides 1:1 services for each child in a warm welcoming classroom setting.  Each child is paired with a trained behavioral therapist that uses Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) practices to increase desired behaviors and decrease challenging behaviors.   Programs are created for each individual child based on their skill level and comfort; we adapt to them and use naturalistic methods.  Goals are created and measured daily.  We seek to enhance every day lives of the kids and aim for long term success!

Ages 18 months – 6 years

– Children receive 1:1 instruction, group instruction, and integrated social instruction

– Includes 25-40 hours of individualized ABA services weekly in a classroom setting

– Preschool model for older children (ages 3-6) prepares for transition to and integration in     public school settings

– Includes home carryover component, individualized for each child

– Required group and individual parent training included

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